Activities 2014

A modernised digital nomenclature is at the nexus of accelerating taxonomy. We held an ICB-linked, invited workshop of key players to outline how we can exploit the opportunity created by nomenclatural registration, mass digitisation, rapid and accessible publication and data generation in e-taxonomy, to allow a step-change increase the rate delivery of biodiversity information, catalysing new research and exposing emergent patterns from complex information. Fifteen participants representing major taxonomic projects met in London and are drafting a white paper document, to be followed by professional taxonomic community participation in a follow-up meeting in 2015.


White paper in draft (2014) intended for publication in broad consumption science journal.

Conferences and Workshops


Workshop: Digital Nomenclature

Invited workshop on Digital Nomenclature, The Natural History Museum, 14-17 January 2015, London, UK, Postponed from 2014 with 15 participants.