The Fifth Science Policy Forum for Biodiversity and The Eighth International Conference on Sustainability Science

13 Apr 2021

Session 1- Part 2- Breakout Group 1

Advancing Solutions for Transition

The main points discussed in this session were: 

  • Scenarios and models including NFF can play a powerful role of designing solutions for transformative change through a holistic and transdisciplinary approach and coupling multiple models to describe various indirect drivers at local scale.
  • We need to develop integrated scenarios and models which can capture different value systems including indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) through participatory approach.
  • Mismatch (misfit) of spatial scales, values, institutions, and supply–demand of ecosystem services need to be considered to design effective solutions.
  • Harmonize and maximize various efforts and solutions for biodiversity, climate change and sustainable production and consumption (circular economy).
  • Natural/green infrastructure as a nature-based solution can be used as an alternative to technical infrastructure and shows the importance of bottom-up collaboration involving local community or network governance with non-governmental organizations or multiple stakeholders as building blocks of social and human infrastructures.

Event Reports  and Videos: 

Session 1: Part 1: Opening Session

Session 1: Part 2: Breakout Group1

Session 1: Part 2: Breakout Group2

Session 2

Session 3: Breakout Group 1

Session 3: Breakout Group 2

Session 4

Session 5

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Video: Session 1: Part 2 : Breakout Group 1

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