Workshop-1 on the Governance of Taxonomic Lists;

Date: Monday 10th February to Wednesday 12th February 2020.  

Place: Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University, Ellengowan Drive, Casuarina, Northern Territory, Australia. 

Number of participants: 16 

Countries involved: Australia, Austria, Belgium, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, United Kingdom, USA 


Presentations of the programme at meetings/conferences/workshops:

Workshop attendees developed a comprehensive list of conferences and workshops at which the ideas discussed at the Darwin workshop were to be discussed but the program has been thrown into disarray by the current pandemic and an alternative strategy is being developed that will revolve around release of publications following peer-review and acceptance. 


Development of Partnership: 

Workshop participants, and invitees who could not attend, have been given permission by the IUBS to call themselves the IUBS Working Group on the Governance of Taxonomic Lists. This group will have carriage of taking forward the conclusions of the first workshop. 


Other outcome: 

Other outcomes will be derived from the five publications currently submitted or in various stages of preparation. 


Nationalities and names of people participating in the programme: 

Olaf Banki (Netherlands), Saroj Barik (India), John Buckeridge (Australia), Les Christidis (Australia), Stijn Conix (Belgium), Mark Costello (Ireland, New Zealand, Norway), Stephen Garnett (Australia), Donald Hobern (Australia), Aaron Lien (USA), Anna Monro (Australia), Narelle Montgomery (Australia), Svetlana Nikolaeva (Russia, UK), Richard Pyle (USA), Kevin Thiele (Australia), Scott Thomson (Brazil, USA), Peter Paul van Dyck (Netherlands, USA), Haylee Weaver (Australia), Anthony Whalen (Australia), Bao Yiming (China), Frank Zachos (Austria, Germany, South Africa), Zhi-Qiang Zhang (New Zealand)