Detailed research plan for the triennium 2018-2020

Year 1: Scoping, engagement of key players, setting the agenda of the Programme, preparation of White Paper

  • Refine and publicize the scope of the programme
  • Clarify and finalize agenda
  • Identify stakeholders, and engage
  • Explore / invite input on indexing services
  • Engage internationally
  • Engage key players familiar with research, social, technical and political contexts of digital biology
  • Identify all matters that bear on an infrastructure capable of indexing digital information about all aspects of biology (technical challenges, sustainability, social and cultural issues, political context, co-ordination of international participation), to do so in an environment that enables open participation of registered stakeholders.
  • Writing workshop for executive group of Programme; develop initial public document
  • Deliver first public statement via IUBS website and paper
  • Arrange next workshop
  • Seek support from national, institutional or programme sources to increase participation

Year 2: Requirements and Partners for Indexing Services

  • Seek Input on White Paper
  • Identify key stakeholders for prototype use cases
  • Consult widely to create general framework for Indexing services
  • Identify and engage with key players, internationally and across the scope of Biology
  • Steering committee and representatives of key players to select use cases, and to hold workshop to  form outline blueprint for components.
  • Increase visibility on IUBS website
  • Integrate with other IUBS unification programmes
  • Identify options for continuation after IUBS funding is finished
  • Set date, location, topics, and presenters for third year event

Year 3: Visibility, Public participation and ownership, persistence

  • Transform blueprint for production grade indexing infrastructure into implementation plan
  • Publicize cross-walks with other IUCN and IUBS programmes
  • Articulate visible prototype use cases
  • Present vision at relevant meetings
  • Identify funding options for continuation of concept and transfer programme to new steering committee