UBTI Activities 2018

UBTI has on behalf of the International Union of Biological Sciences promoted the argument that the assembly of an infrastructure for Science must be designed to meet the needs of all possible beneficiaries, not just scientists.  We specifically point to the economic and social costs of poorly informed political decisions.  The arguments are presented in Stenseth, Nils Chr.  Shorthouse, D. P., Franz, N. and Patterson D. J. But, what if …” we managed biological information for better policies, submitted to Science.

IUBS is represented on the International Science Council  World Data Committee. UBTI member David Patterson was appointed in 2018 for 3 years. 

UBTI Pubications 2018

Stenseth, Nils Chr.  Shorthouse, D. P., Franz, N. and Patterson D. J. But, what if …” we managed biological information for better policies, submitted to Science 

Development of partnership

UBTI now has  an advisory group comprised of representatives of

  • Arizona State University (Dr Nico Franz)
  • Arkadia Foundation (Dr Ross Mounce)
  • Australian Academy of Sciences (Australia) (Nancy Pritchard)
  • Barcode of Life Database (Canada) (Dr Bob Hanner)
  • Biodiversity Heritage Library (Smithsonian Institution, USA) (Martin Kalvatovic)
  • Botany and Biodiversity Informatics at Agriculture and Agri-Food (Canada) (Dr James Macklin)
  • Catalogue of Life (Dr David Eades, Edward R deWalt)
  • Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental, (Brasil) (Dr Dora Canhos)
  • CoData (international) (Dr Simon Croft)
  • Future Earth (International) (Mark Stafford Smith)
  • Global Names project (international) (Dr Dmitry Mozzherin, Dr Rich Pyle)
  • Google (David Thau)
  • IUBS International Committee on Bionomenclature (Dr Rich Pyle)
  • Johns Hopkins University Research Libraries (USA) (Dr Sayeed Choudhury)
  • National Institutes of Health (USA) National Center for Biotechnology Information, GenBank (Dr Conrad Schoch)
  • Plazi (Switzerland) (Dr Donat Agosti)
  • Sloan Foundation (USA) (Jesse Ausubel)
  • Taxonomic DataBases Working Group (international) (Dr Dimitris  Koureas, Dr James Macklin, Dr Quentin Groom)
  • TaxonWorks (Dr Matt Yoder)
  • World Data System (international) (Dr Sandy Harrison and David Patterson)

Inclusion on this list should not be taken as formal institutional support.

Other outcome (education, …)

Our aim for 2018 was to refine the agenda, engage key players, and submit a White Paper. We have made progress on all fronts. The following indicates progress in relation to our first year goals as stipulated in our application.

  • Manuscript submitted to Science
  • Clarify and finalize agenda.  Unifying Biology to better serve the needs of policy makers
  • Identify stakeholders, and engage:  see partnership statement above
  • Engage internationally:  see partnership statement above
  • Engage key players familiar with research, social, technical and political contexts of digital biology:  see partnership statement above
  • Identify all matters that bear on an infrastructure capable of indexing digital information about all aspects of biology (technical challenges, sustainability, social and cultural issues, political context, co-ordination of international participation), to do so in an environment that enables open participation of registered stakeholders.
  • Deliver first public statement via IUBS website and paper: completed
  • Arrange next workshop: pending
  • Seek support from national, institutional or programme sources to increase participation: pending