Year 2018

iCCB Report 2018 

iCCB Publications  2018

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11 Feb 2019 · iCCB · Programme

iCCB Activities 2018

We developed a plan for a new IUBS Africa-specific program concentrating on conservation issues and long-term data with a special focus on East African ecosystems. 

iCCB’s goals for 2018 were to establish a plan of action for a new research program, publish collaborative high impact research papers, organize a research and training workshop, and hold at least one steering committee meeting. During 2018 we published 11 papers. We organized a workshop in May in Cambridge, UK and we had a steering committee meeting for planning our activities for 2019 and for creating a new vision for an inclusive program in Conservation Paleobiology in Africa, in December in Berlin, Germany.

Meetings, Conferences and Workshops organized

05 Dec 2018 · Germany · Event

Internal Leadership Workshop in Berlin

iCCB organized an Internal Leadership Workshop in Berlin, Germany on 5th – 12th December 2018, in order to review the activities from 2018 and define and specify future plans for post-iCCB activities.

This will form part of an application to be submitted to the IUBS prior to the General Assembly in 2019. 

The workshop was attended by 5 participants.

30 Jun 2018 · Event

Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

iCCB organized a meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in June 2018 to discuss our ideas with Ethiopian partners at the Ethiopia National Museum. 

Next to scientific research, these discussions also concerned capacity building, such as future teaching and training workshops similar to what iCCB organized in Kenya in 2018. 

The meeting was attended by 3 participants.

01 May 2018 · Event · UK

Workshop in Cambridge

iCCB organized a workshop in Cambridge, UK, 1st May – 6th May 2018. This was a small workshop intended for intense on-hands planning and research. The result from this workshop was a letter of intent (LOI) to apply to a joint NSF-NERC (US-UK) funding program for a research initiative in Africa. 

We were invited to submit a full proposal to this international program (notification February 7, 2019) and we plan to submit a full proposal by the close of 2019. Strategically applying for grant funding from non-IUBS countries allows us to broaden the scope of the IUBS initiative. In addition to research, we developed a preliminary plan for a training program in East Africa. The workshop was attedned by 5 participants.