Action plan for the triennium 2012-2014

Disaster and Biodiversity (DAB) detailed programme

The IUBS Committee of the Science Council of Japan, Term 22nd had its first meeting on April 22, 2012, where the first discussion on proposing this DAB program was opened. Therefore, the present program for the first year of triennium will start to organize an international working group to summerize recent information related to DAB worldwide in order to address the activities for the next two years. The DAB action can be planned tentatively as below.


Start a DAB Working Group (WG) consisting of Japanese members and up to fiveselected international members. To start with, one workshop meeting will be held in Japan.


Organize at least one workshop and one international symposium. The frequency of the workshops and the meeting places will be decided in 2013 workshop. The symposium can be held either in Japan or other countries depending on national fund-raising results and the amount of IUBS funding.


At least one workshop for editing a publication of the results. The final goal of this triennium is to issue a publication on DAB at the end of 2015.