IUBS Ethics Commission detailed programme

The primary focus for ICEB for the upcoming triennium is to further develop its outreach and education platforms. A major component of this will be the wikiversity course. This will see the expansion of teaching modules, with the inclusion of self-assessment, to build a repository of infomation to be made available for self-paced learning and teaching materials for ethics and environmental educators. The promotion of this site will also be of importance, both via enhanced web presence, through rankings and linkages with other sites and programmes and direct advertisement of the material through the ICEB membership affiliations.

We also would like to consolidate our linkage with the BioEd progamme, which will be realised at a session at a joint conference at the next IUBS General Assembly in Beijing.

The members of ICEB will continue to interact primarily via email, however we would like to co-ordinate a workshop in Australia in 2010 or early 2011, in conjunciton with an as yet to be determined congress/meeting/symposium. Many of our members have not met face-to-face and this would act as an important brain-storming session to assess the direction of the ICEB.