IUBS Ethics Commission


Professor John Buckeridge (Chair), and Dr Jessica Reeves (Secretary)

Countries involved

Australia, Brasil, China, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK and USA

Field of Research

Environmental Ethics


The International Centre for Environmental and Bioethics (ICEB) was established to develop ethical norms for bioethics and environmental ethics. It is a virtual centre (www.rmit.edu.au/iceb), providing a vehicle for the free dissemination of ideas, news, concerns and case studies about the ethical management of the biosphere.

The programme involves a panel of 12 internationally renowned researchers, who have been appointed to best reflect a geographic and gender balance.

The role of ICEB is to develop and to implement guidelines and best practice for the ethically sound and sustainable management of global biota and ecosystems. It also provides education resources in the form of a free-online course (http://en.wikiveristy.org/wiki/Environmental_bioethics).

Objectives in Implementation

  1. To support the development of ethics education for researchers in biosciences.
  2. To initiate, support and develop programmes in environmental ethics suitable for target groups, such as young adults, consumer groups and scientists in disciplines related to sustainable development.
  3. To provide input into the development and implementation of existing global, regional and national protocols and codes of practice for the sustainable management of biological resources.