BioEd 2010 Achievements

In 2010-2011, the IUBS Commision for Biology Education website was rebuilt with its own name:

The following nine sections have been populated: (1) About; (2) Officers; (3) Executive Committee Members; (4) Member Countries; (5) Membership; (6) History; (7) Events; (8) Education Resources; and, (9) Publications.


A special issue on BioEd 2009: Darwin 200 was published in the IUBS journal Biology International. This took multiple rounds of correspondence with each of the authors as well as extensive editing. In addition, substantial progress has been made for publishing another educationally oriented issue in 2011 on "Global Public Health Education" which will contain a variety of activities to address a significant number of issues raised by the United Nation's Millennial Goals. Initial planning has begun for the BioEd 2012 that will be held in Beijing, China in July 2012.


Conferences organised: 0

Workshops organised: 1

Publications: 1

Impacts on education

Expanding the connection between the education and research communities.

Relevance for the scientific community

Promoting approaches to solving common problems shared by biology learners around the globe.

Development of partnership

Better ties to biology education activities of a number of professional life science organizations.


Closer association with primary publication of IUBS.