Projects continued in 2017

The following projects were continued in the "AgroEcosystems Managed Pollinators" programme:

The programme on Ecological Intensification by using managed pollinators, understanding of the diversity of wild pollinators, coupled with dissemination of biological control agents against crop diseases and pests has progressed exceedingly well.

The projects in Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Serbia, USA and Canada were continued (read more).

Expertise derived from the IUBS sponsored experiments is being shared internationally in North, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia on the pollination/protection systems on the crops mentioned above. To facilitate progress, passive dispensers and an alternative diluent/carrier powder (to BVT Inc.’s Vectorite ®) recipe have been provided by ADI to partners for continuing and comparative experiments.  The electro-mechanical dispenser for honeybee hives (BVT Inc.) seems to have encountered technical difficulties.  Prototypes may be available to the IUBS programme in 2018.

Overall, the programme has received positive responses. The IUBS Programme has exceeded expectations as seed-funding and has resulted in extra-mural national grants about 9X the IUBS/ADI grant to ADI’s partners in Kenya, Colombia, Canada and Mexico and 1.4X the IUBS/ADI grant in value handled directly by ADI.

Publications and presentations at meetings with participants ranging from the public and growers, to policy makers, to extension and scientific bodies continue to expand the technology transfer.

Partnerships with academic and research organisations (e.g. academic and government research and with IOBC and ICPPR) are growing and industry support, especially BVT Inc. and with growers, is increasing.