IUBS possesses core strengths in integrative biology that contribute to better understanding of life and its diversity. In this context, IUBS has been actively partnering with the "Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)" since 1998. A specific example of its active role is in the organization of meetings of “Science for Biodiversity Forum” at the CBD, framing policies with scientific information for the attainment of the goals of the conventions. IUBS supplements these core strengths by integrating information from other areas of biology, and from the physical sciences and humanities, to help solve major environmental problems.

1st Science for Biodiversity Forum at Brazil (2006)

“Biodiversity – the Megascience in Focus”

2nd Science for Biodiversity Forum at Germany (2008)

“Biodiversity Research – Safeguarding the Future”

3rd Science for Biodiversity Forum at Mexico(2016)

"Mainstreaming biodiversity for well-being: Contributions from Science" 

4th Science for Biodiversity Forum at Egypt (2018)

“Towards living in harmony with nature by 2050: A Science-Policy Dialogue”