04 Jun 2021 · Gender Equality · Publication

Gender Balance in Science Study by IUBS Published

A study by IUBS Working Group on Gender Equality is published recently. The study mentions that, access to scientific careers for women has never been easy, but as biases and barriers slowly begin todiminish, women are becoming more and more involved in science, especially Biological Sciences. Some of the reasons why women do not have the same opportunities to achieve career pathways equal to those of men are discussed in the study. The study also highlights an ongoing need to design and apply new policies to effect a gender balance throughout the career path.

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Standing for Gender Equality in Science in times of Covid-19

Scientists around the world have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, not all scientists are affected in the same ways and to the same extent. Women are hit particularly hard, especially those at an early stage of their careers. In this time of pandemic, when a health crisis combines with an economic crisis, the work of scientists is critical. 

The Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science calls for all individuals and institutions engaged in science to join forces in supporting women colleagues whose research careers are jeopardized by the pandemic.

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