In order to facilitate the implementation of future Scientific Programmes, IUBS supports projects, which prepare transnational research, with the aid of its Ordinary and Scientific Members.

IUBS welcomes suggestions for new Initiatives, which are in the scope of IUBS activities. Please contact the IUBS Secretariat to know more.  

Gender Equality in Science

The project is aimed to produce sound data to support the choices of interventions that International Science Council and member unions can feasibly undertake. It will provide evidence for informed decisions, including trends – since the situation for women continues to change around the world, with some negative developments – and will provide easy access to materials proven to be useful in encouraging girls and young women to study and work in these fields. 

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Zoonotic Diseases

IUBS insists that it is crucial that zoonotic diseases are investigated in a coordinated, integrative way beyond the evidently essential medical perspective, bringing on board the ecological perspective, that is, linking humans, animals, pathogens, ecosystems and global environmental change – including Anthropogenically driven climate and biodiversity change. In this direction, IUBS has established a working group and an international scientific program on zoonotic diseases by bringing scientists and experts from all over the world.

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International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development 2022

Several Unions including IUBS have proposed 2022 to be declared as The International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development. The aim is to focus link basic sciences and the Sustainable Development Goals. This will be a unique opportunity to convince all stakeholders that through a basic understanding of nature, actions taken will be more effective, for the common good.

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IUBS Centenary Webinar Series

To commemorate completion of 100 years of promoting excellence in biological sciences, IUBS has launched a Webinar Series bringing the best of all disciplines to discuss evolution, taxonomy, ecology, biodiversity, and other topics that represent unified biology and the topics of prime importance to address contemporary problems such as climate change, endangered species, food and nutrition, health etc.

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