19 Sep 2018

The EMPSEB24 has been placed in Bubion, Granada (Spain) from 9th to 15th September. There have been 68 participants (34 women and 34 men) coming from 40 different institutions. 7 plenary talks have covered different key topics in Evolutionary Biology. In addition, 2 interesting workshops,
one about metabarcoding and the second one about depression and mental health in PhD students.

IUBs sponsored the participation of the following young scientists coming from India, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Poland and Brazil:

  • Aparajita, “is immunity costly? A study done on Drosophila melanogaster populations selected for higher survivorship post infection”
  • Diego Salazar-Tortosa, “Integrating data uncertainty across biological and environmental scales to predict habitat suitability under climate change at a global scale: a case study in pine trees (genus Pinus)”
  • Jon Richardson, “Inbred burying beetles suffer fitness costs from making poor decisions”
  • Kasper P. Hendricks, “Long-distance dispersal largely explains patterns of endemism in Bornean Landsnails”
  • Marta Saluga, “Range-wide, multilocus phylogeography of the endemic moss Syntrichia sarconeurum  Ocgyra & R. H. Zander (Pottiaceae): a step towards understanding evolutionary history in Antartica”
  • Ruchika Choudhary, “Sperm storage and sperm displacement in cold shocked females”
  • Samara Videira Zorzato, “Assembly and analysis of Drosophila sturtevanti genome for uses in phylogenetic studies of species od Drosophila saltans group”
  • Verity Hill, “real-time sequencing and its application to public health: examining the drivers behind the West African Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic 2013-16”

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