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28 Aug 2020 · Publication

Ricketts Point Urban Sanctuary Field Guide for Plants

Ricketts Point Urban Sactuary Field Guide for Plants is available to downlaod at the following link. (PDF 16 MB)

It is also available online here


31 Jul 2017 · Publication

Biology International - Special Issue #36

Disaster and Biodiversity (DAB) - beta 2017,

Edited by Harufumi Nishida, Jun Yokoyama, Steven J. Wagstaff, Paul Callomon

The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake caused a tsunami and nuclear accident that heavily damaged local communities and the natural environment. The loss of biodiversity and precious biological records in nationally significant museums was also a matter of serious concern. The DAB scientific programme of IUBS led by Prof. H. Nishida aimed at the establishment of international disciplines and protocols for monitoring and managing the influences of disaster on biodiversity and biological resources at the initial stage following a disaster, and organizing an effective collaborative system to cope with future events. This aim was well appreciated at the IUBS General Assembly in 2012, and the proposal was approved as a scientific programme from 2013 to 2015. This special issue summarizes the results of three years’ discussions with internationally distinguished scientists in workshops and a symposium that was held in Sendai, a city damaged by the 2011 earthquake (from the preface of Prof. H. Takeda).

Read “Biology International Special Issue No 36” (beta, because Pr Satoquo Seino's contribution isn’t included yet.)

Download PDF file, 8.6 MB

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01 Feb 2017 · Publication

The Fossils of the Urban Sanctuary

Rickett's Point Victoria 3193

Eds: Fearghus McSweeney & John Buckeridge (2017)

Published by Greypath Productions
(pdf, 21 MB)

20 Dec 2016 · Publication

Birds of the Rickett's Point Marine Sancturay

Rickett's Point Victoria 3193

Eds: Kate Loxton & John Buckeridge (2016)

Published by Greypath Productions
(pdf, 67 MB)


The Urban Sanctuary

Algae and Marine Invertebrates of Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary

Eds: Jessica Reeves & John Buckeridge (2012)
Published by Greypath Productions
(pdf, 3.5 MB)