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Germany · Gender Equality
Germany · Gender Equality
13 Sep 2019 · Germany · Supported Event · Zoology · Event

Annual meeting of the German Zoological Society

Annual meeting of the German Zoological Society was held on September 10th to 13th, 2019 in Germany. Thi event was co-sponsored by IUBS.

05 Dec 2018 · Germany · Event

Internal Leadership Workshop in Berlin

iCCB organized an Internal Leadership Workshop in Berlin, Germany on 5th – 12th December 2018, in order to review the activities from 2018 and define and specify future plans for post-iCCB activities.

This will form part of an application to be submitted to the IUBS prior to the General Assembly in 2019. 

The workshop was attended by 5 participants.

30 Jun 2018 · Germany · Young Scientists · Supported Event

International Diatom Symposium

25th International Diatom Symposium, was organized in Seminaries and Botanical Garden Berlin, Germany, from 25th to 30th  June 2018 by the International Society for Diatom Research (ISDR).

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20 Apr 2018 · Germany · Supported Event · Event

International Symposium on Pollination

International Symposium on Pollination, taking place at the Botanical Gardens in Berlin (Dahlem), Germany, from 16-20 April 2018. Organized by the International Commission on Plant Pollinator Relations (ICPPR).

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