A Draft Glossary of Terms Used in Bionomenclature

Compiled and Edited by D.L. Hawksworth, with the assistance of W.G. Chaloner, O. Krauss, J. McNeill, M.A. Mayo, D.H. Nicolson, P.H.A. Sneath, R.P. Trehane, P.K. Tubbs (1994)
74 pp. (€ 35)

Biodiversity and Global Change

Edited by O.T. Solbrig, H. van Emden, & P. van Oordt (1992 / 1994)

First ed in 1992, 2nd ed in 1994
(to be ordered from CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DE, U.K. Fax ++44 (0)1491-833508)

From Genes to Ecosystems: a Research Agenda for Biodiversity

Edited by O.T. Solbrig (1991)

124 pp. (€ 35)

Perspectives on Biological Complexity

Edited by O.T. Solbrig & G. Nicolis (1991)

ISBN° 9290460763 (€ 35)

Computers and Biological Education

The Expanding Universe

Edited by T. Crovello (1988)
ISBN° 929040717

New Challenges for Biological Education

Edited by G. Schaefer & T. Younès (1986)

Published as Special Issue n°11 of Biology International
42 pp. (€ 25)

Biological Nomenclature Today

Edited by W.D.L. Ride & T. Younés (1986)

(€ 20)

Determinants of Tropical Savannas

Edited by B.H. Walker (1987)

(€ 30)

Biological Monitoring of the State of the Environment: Bioindicators

Edited by J. Salánki (1986)

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