9th BCGC Symposium

The 9th BCGC Symposium will be held during the The 9th International Symposium of Integrative Zoology, which is entitled "Response and adaptation of animals to extreme environments". The conference will be held in Xining, Qinghai Province, China, from 27th to 31st August 2017. It is organized by the International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS), a scientific member of IUBS, and supported by IUBS via its Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC) programme.

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Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC)

Triennium: 2016-2018


Zhibin Zhang

Steering Committee

John Buckeridge, Nils Chr. Stenseth, Mauricio Lima, Zhibin Zhang, David B. Wake, Yury Yu. Dgebuadz, Alain Roques, Hari C. Sharma, Abraham Haim, J├╝rgen Heinze, Sarita Maree, Chunxu Han, Yvon Le Maho, Anthony Barnosky, Guangshun Jiang*, Chun Yan*

* early career scientists

List of the IUBS National Committees involved in the project

China National Committee for IUBS

National Natural Science Foundation of China

China Association for Science and Technology

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Russian National Committee for IUBS

IUBS Scientific Members involved in the project

International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS)

Field of research

Zoology, botany, ecology, statistics, biography, meteorology, anthropology, morphology, anatomy, biogeography, evolution, time series analysis, bio-matrix, molecular biology, biodiversity and conservation, risk assessment, biomathematics and modelling, etc.

Questions addressed by the project

  • Impact of global change on outbreaks of biological disasters, such as diseases, insect and rodent pests, etc.
  • Impact of global change on biological invasion of alien species
  • Impact of global change on abundance and range shift of endangered species
  • Impact of global change on community structure and biodiversity of different ecosystems
  • Nonlinearity and interactions of global change in affecting biological populations

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