iCCB 2013 Achievements

The 2013 activities of iCCB focused on furthering progress among our working groups in ecometric (trait-based) research on climate change biology, on developing our internet outreach tools, especially an iCCB website and database, on obtaining supplemental funding for major iCCB-led meetings, and on planning for future workshops and short courses.  A meeting of our trait modeling working group was held at Indiana University in February, which produced a prototype numerical model of the dynamics between species, geography, traits, environment, and climate, the first results of which were presented at an international conference in Los Angeles in the autumn.  A working group created iCCB’s first outreach website ( ).  A database working group met in Helsinki to begin assembling ecometric data for dissemination via the iCCB website.  iCCB members were also important contributors to the Scientific Consensus on Maintaining Humanity’s Life Support Systems in the 21st Century ( 

Activities 2013:

- Conference, Workshop organised:

Workshop on trait modeling, February 18th – 24th 2013, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

iCCB database meeting, 1st- 5th December, 2013, Helsinki, Finland,

- Publications:

Fortelius, M., Eronen, J.T., Kaya, F., Tang, H., Puolamäki, K. in press. Evolution of Neogene Mammals in Eurasia: Environmental Forcing and Biotic Interactions. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Fritz, S., Schnitzler, J., Eronen, J.T., Hof, C., Böhning-Gaese, K., Graham, C. 2013. Diversity in time and space: wanted dead and alive. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28, 509-516.

Grossnickle, D.M. and P.D. Polly. 2013. Mammal disparity decreases during the Cretaceous angiosperm radiation. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B, 280(1771), 20132110.

Rödder D., A. M. Lawing, M. Flecks, F. Ahmadzadeh, J. Dambach, J. O. Engler, J. C. Habel, T. Hartmann, D. Hörnes, F. Ihlow, K. Schidelko, D. Stiels, and P. D. Polly. 2013 Evaluating the Significance of Paleophylogeographic Species Distribution Models in Reconstructing Quaternary Range-Shifts of Nearctic Chelonians. PLoS ONE 8(10): e72855.

Smith, M.R. and P.D. Polly.  2013.  A reevaluation of the Harrodsburg Crevice Fauna (Late Pleistocene of Indiana, USA) and the climatic implication of its mammals.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 33: 410-420.


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