BioNomenclature 2013 Achievements

The main focus of activty was the discussion of nomenclature in the context of increased role for molecular data as the prmary taxobase underpinning taxonomic decsions. The symposium in Vienna (details below) was a premier opportunity to do this, and the collaborative links were followed through in additional meetings. New collabortions and further meetings are planned as a result.

The key unifying mechanism for all the components discussed by the ICB in recent years is a unified system of digital nomenclature (as indicated in last year’s ICB report to IUBS). The sope of the programme should thus be shifted to Nomenclature in an age of Big Data as the next major item on the agenda for ICB consideration. An informal working group with extensive experience in this topic has been convened, including a number of chief executives of relevant projects (e.g., GBIF, Smithsonian, ZooBank, etc.). This group has had a number of Skype meetings and drafted planning documents to launch a cross-taxonmic, global digital system for nomeclatural information access, with an aim to hold a workshop, paired with a major symposium, on digital nomenclature in Septmeber 2014. The ICB will provide the core participants for the workshop, with additional funding and hosting by the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA and Oxford University, UK.


Activities 2013:

- Conferences/ Workshops organised:

IUBS Symposium Nomenclature for the Future at the European Systematics Conference, 18 – 22 February 2013, in Vienna, Austria,

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