Symposium: How to name algae

The Symposium “How to name algae: names, taxa & databases” took place at the 11th International Phycological Congress in Szczecin, Poland, in August 2017.


Meeting of the Nomenclatural Section

The meeting of the Nomenclatural Section of the XIX International Botanical Congress took place in Shenzhen, China, in July 2017.


Town Hall Meeting for Biodiversity Professionals

ICB organized a Town Hall meeting for biodiversity professionals at the Natural History Museum, London to discuss the strategies for registration of organismal names with Thomas Pape (President of the ICZN), March 2017.


Bionomeclature - Invited Seminar

ICB Chair Ellinor Michel presented an invited seminar and extended discussion session on registration of scientific names of animals at GenBank, the global genetic sequence database at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) in Washington DC, Dec 2016. As an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequence, GenBank is one of the largest, and most influential users of scientific names of organisms. This set the foundation for collaborative working between ICB an GenBank.


BioNomenclature: Codes, Concepts and Tools

Symposium at the IUBS General Assembly BioNomenclature: Making nomenclatural codes, concepts and tools fit for modern research, 14-16 December 2015, Berlin, Germany


ICB meeting 2015

ICB meeting took place during the 32nd IUBS GA & Conference in Berlin, Germany, 14-16 December 2015. (see Programme and Abstracts; pdf 0.5 MB)


Workshop: Digital Nomenclature

Invited workshop on Digital Nomenclature, The Natural History Museum, 14-17 January 2015, London, UK, Postponed from 2014 with 15 participants.


Nomenclature for the Future

IUBS Symposium: Nomenclature for the Future at the European Systematics Conference, in Vienna, Austria, 18 – 22 February 2013. six talks, attended by a 70-100 people at each talk.


  • Schindel & Miller: Naming of organisms in an era of molecular-based discovery;
  • Barkworth et al.: Developments in botanical nomenclature;
  • Kirk: Obligatory registration, the situation with fungi;
  • Michel & Pyle: The power and challenges for stable and sensible scientific names for animals;
  • Sangster: The link between names and taxa in rank-based taxonomic systems: synonymy and homonymy in higher taxa of birds;
  • Penev et al.: Automated registration model for eukaryotes

BioNomenclature Session

Scientific session at IUBS' General Assembly, Suzhou, China, July 2012


Workshop: BioCode & ICB

BioCode & ICB Workshop, Berlin, Germany, 26-28 April 2012. 


BioCode Symposium 2011

The Symposium Modernizing the Nomenclatural Codes to meet future Needs of Scientific Communities (BioCode) was presented during Biosystematics 2011, Berlin, 23 February 2011.



Workshop Natura1, in The History Museum, London, 10 and 16 December 2011


Workshop: BioCode 2010

Workshops organised in Berlin, October 2010