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Conferences and Workshops


Workshop: BCGC Shenyang

Workshop: Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC), 21 September 2012, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang, China



The 21st International Congress of Zoology (ICZ), 2-7 September 2012, the University of Haifa, Israel.


Workshop: BCGC Haifa

Workshop: Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC), 3 September 2012, the University of Haifa, Israel


31st IUBS Conference

The 31st IUBS General Assembly and Conference on Biological Sciences and Bioindustry, 5-9 July 2012, Suzhou, China


Workshop: BCGC and iCCB Suzhou

Workshop: Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC) + Integrative Climate Change Biology (iCCB) 6 July 2012, Suzhou, China

Other Achievements

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Development of partnership

  • Asia-Pacific Forest Invasive Species Network;
  • Network for Wildlife-borne Diesease in Aisa-Pacific Region


Designing a data collection form for the programme