Activities 2010

The year of 2010 is an important year for the BCGC program and it made progress in scientific research on biodiversity, endangered species and biological disasters. It also organised a special issue in the official journal of the International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS), Integrative Zoology. 9 papers on BCGC were published in the journal.

In 2010, the program constructed an online working platform and a preliminary database for scientists in the BCGC program. Currently, the website is in its testing phase and it will soon be formally launched.

In 2010, the program also organized several international meetings and conferences. Those included an international symposium on Invasion of Alien Species, in Myshkin, Russia, another international symposium on “BCGC – Data Analysis and Sharing,” and a special workshop on the program, both in Kunming, China.

In June 2010, the program presented a progress report to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the CAS is satisfied with the progress made in the programme.

Development of partnership

Two more scientists from Russia joined the programme.


Stenseth NC (2010): The Biological Consequences of Global Change. Integrative Zoology, 5: 85–86. doi: 10.1111/j.1749-4877.2010.00200.x

Editorial to a special issue of Integrative Zoology with 9 papers about Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC):

Conferences and Workshops


Integrative Zoology 2010

The 4th International Symposium of Integrative Zoology; Kunming, China, 4 to 6 December 2010.


Invasion of Alien Species 2010

International symposium Invasion of Alien Species in Holarctic, 2010


BCGC Workshop 2010

Workshop BCGC data sharing and research tools, 2010.