The Fifth Science Policy Forum for Biodiversity and The Eighth International Conference on Sustainability Science

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13 Apr 2021

SESSIONĀ 1- Part 1- Opening of the Joint Event

A framework for transition: towards the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF)

We are currently living in an age of large-scale environmental challenges which directly impact our health and wellbeing. These challenges are intricately linked. Some of the key challenges include restoring habitats and biodiversity, controlling species invasions and minimizing pollution (by chemicals, nutrients). However, how uncontrolled climate change could worsen the existing challenges has not been adequately predicted and the risks continue to exist. Furthermore, of grave concern is our failures in meeting several of the set Aichi targets along with the existing SDGs. All the three speakers of the session, Sir Robert Watson (UNEP), Ms Ana Maria Hernandez (IPBES) and Mr. Francis Meri Sabino Ogwal (OEWG) have emphasised that effective implementation of GBF requires inclusion, transparency and cross-talk between knowledge and decision-makers.

Thus, the overarching principles guiding the preparatory process for the post-2020 GBF were outlined which include a knowledge-based and inclusive approach. Goals and targets set to achieve 2030 milestones were highlighted. Some of these include demarcating percentages for restoring degraded habitats, reducing human-wildlife conflicts, nature-based solutions to improve the quality of natural resources, equitable sharing of biodiversity benefits. While the governments are to play the central role and lead with good legislation, the way forward comes from a common understanding of the problems by different sectors in the society, moving away from treating these issues as business as usual and from transforming our relationship with nature and our values. 

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