1st Pre-COP Conference About Biodiversity

“Biodiversity – the Megascience in Focus”

The first Pre-COP conference about Biodiversity by CBD/ IUBS was organized around  8th Conference of the Parties (COP 8) in Curitiba, Brazil on 15-19 March 2006. The conference theme was “Biodiversity – the Megascience in Focus”. 

PreCOP 8 Sciences are vital to the achievement of the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), by inter alia conducting basic biodiversity-related research, including taxonomy and ecosystem research, and providing a range of benefits. However, the crucial importance of research has not been adequately recognized in the negotiations of the COP until 2006. To give science a voice amidst the political discussions of the CBD-COP and to provide science-based arguments for the promotion of biodiversity and conservation research, a scientific meeting was organized a week before COP 8 to develop recommendations for the CBD-COP 8 in Curitiba (Brazil). The results of this PreCOP 8 meeting “BIODIVERSITY – THE MEGASCIENCE IN FOCUS”l (15-19 March 2006) culminated in “Recommendations” (see Appendix 3, Biology International Volume 48 ) which were circulated by the Secretariat of the CBD on the second day of the CBD-COP.1

The Curitiba PreCOP 8 conference dealt with three major themes: 

I. “Biodiversity and Systematics”

II. “Benefit Sharing and Bioethics”

III. “Sustainability”

More information about the event is available in the Biology International Volume 48.