Achivements in 2014

Several activities were carried out 2014.

Development of partnership

Organizations of varying fields have supported the symposium:

  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Japan Association of Botanical Gardens (JABG)
  • Center for Ecological Adaptability, Tohoku University (CEATU)
  • Ministry of Environment of Japan
  • IUBS Committee of Science Council of Japan

In the symposium gathered scholars, citizens, professionals and NGO members who are interested in DAB. The cooperating NGO, BDNJ, is one of most active NGOs concerning biodiversity in Japan, as well as an IUCN NGO member. Good organizational and individual partnerships have been established since DAB 2013 workshops. Further worldwide recognition and interests on DAB are expected after publishing an official report of DAB as an IUBS Journal issue in 2015.

The International symposium could expand the DAB project with a worldwide scope. The Ministry of Environment of Japan keeps paying attention to the program.


Workshop: Desaster and Biodiversity


IUBS triennial DAB Programme in cooperation with Biodiversity Network Japan. 6-9 Sept 2014, Japan. A symposium abstract is printed. The pdf is available from BDNJ web site:

Conferences and Workshops


Editorial meeting

Editorial meeting to publish a journal issue reporting the DAB results that had accumulated through the workshops and symposia held in 2013 and 2014.


Workshop: Desaster and Biodiversity

Workshop: Desaster and Biodiversity, IUBS triennial DAB Programme in cooperation with Biodiversity Network Japan. 6 to 8 Sept 2014, Tohoku University, Katahira Campus. Followed by a field excursion to the coastline of northern Fukushima on 9 September.


International Workshop: DAB

International Workshop on Disaster and Biodiversity (DAB), IUBS Triennial Program, Workshop 2. At Chuo University, Korakuen Campus, Tokyo, 28 January, 2014.