DAB 2013 Achievements

DAB 2013 is planned to summarize varied but less-known phenomena provoked by natural disasters worldwide, in order to prepare for larger and more substantial international symposium which will be held in 2014 autumn.

Following two activities have done cooperated with Biodiversity Network, Japan.

Domestic workshop summarizing biodiversity changes and its recovery process after the Tohoku 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami, held at Chuo University on 21 December, 2013. About 50 participants, including 4 speakers. Preparatory work for international workshop in January, 2014.

International workshop including 3 international and 3 domestic speakers, planned to be held on 28 January, 2014, and a subsequent field excursion in Tohoku area on 29-30. Summarized both international and domestic phenomena. Preparatory work for international symposium that will be held in 2014 autumn.

Conferences and Workshops


Domestic Workshop

First Domestic Workshop, held in December 2013 at Chuo University, Tokyo.