2010 Achievements

In 2010, we hosted a symposium on Traditional Knowledge and Biology as part of the UNESCO symposium on Mountains. Over half the participants of the entire symposium (>100) attended with lively discussions and future projects planned.


Conferences organised: 1

Workshops organised: within the conference: 6


Fenstad JE, P Hoyningen-Huene, Q Hu, J Kokwaro, D Nakashima, J Salik, W Shrum, BV Subbarayappa (2002): Science, traditional knowledge and sustainable development. ICSU Series on Sustainable Dev

A synthetic publication of our 3 symposia is in press at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Impacts on education

Education Committee of IUBS was incorporated in our South African conference. Capacity training on Indigenous Knowledge and Science is on-going in many of the participating countries.

Relevance for the scientific community

Science has much to gain from understanding other forms of knowledge of direct relevance to the public and to other cultures. Vice-versa, of course, the public and other cultures have much to learn from science.

Development of partnership

Our goal is the formation of multi-cultural partnerships between science and traditional knowledge around the world. The list of countries in which we are involved attest to the success of this goal.


Many of our innovations deal with understanding adaptations and mitigrations of environmental change including climate change based on traditional knowledge.