BioEd 2011 Achievements

The IUBS official journal, Biology International, published two issues on education in 2011:

(1) (BI Volume 49) on Global Health Education which contains a variety of activites to address a significant number of issues raised by the United Nation's Millenial Goals.

(2) (BI Volume 50) addresses "International Conservation Education;" contains articles from Peru, Costa Rica, Australia, Russia, China, India, Ukraine, Singapore, and USA.

Presentations of IUBS CBE were made at international meetings in Chile, United Kingdom, France, United Kingdom, South Africa, and the USA.

Representatives from five different countries were added to the Executive Board of IUBS CBE. The newly elected officers of IUBS for 2012-2014 are: Dr. LornaHoltman (South Africa), President; Dr. Shirley Lim (Singapore), Vice President; Enshan Liu (China), Secretary-Treasurer. Plans for the BioEd 2012 in Suzhou, China from 2-4 July have been initiated.


Conferences organised: 1

Workshops organised: 3

Publications: 2

Impacts on education

Expanding the connection between the education and research communities.
Relevance for the scientific community: Promoting approaches to solving common problems shared by biology learners around the globe.

Development of partnership

Better ties to biology education activities of a number of professional life science organizations (especially the South American organization called BIOMAT).


Multiple language abstracts for articles in Biology International.