Activities 2014

The project on the application of managed pollinators to crop protection and production using coffee in Latin America as a case study was fully launched in 2014 with experimental activities in Pernambuco, Ceara, and Bahia in Brazil and in Chiapas ,Veracruz and Puebla in Mexico. The main activities in 2014 were the selection of sites and co-operator farmers where coffee is being produced organically and commercially. The cooperator grower are enthusiastic to be involved and excited with the prospects of suppressing populations of berry borer (a beetle) and some fungal pests. Coffee blooming was expected to start late in 2014, but seems to have been delayed by weather until early 2015. All is in complete readiness for the bloom when honeybees foraging from hives equipped with special dispensers (models and plans were delivered in 2014 for local manufacture of additional dispensers) will transfer custom-formulated biological control agents (shipped and delivered to Brazil and Mexico in 2014) to coffee flowers. Standard Operating Procedures for making and using dispensers, applying the biocontrol agents, and monitoring the outcome of the treatments were written and delivered with dispensers and formulated agent. Results are expected to start flowing early in 2015.

The project has also presented one well-received webinar on coffee pollination and protection directed at Latin America and the Caribbean. The next is planned for early 2015 for Africa and Asia. The scope of the technology of pollination coupled with crop protection has been presented at several university seminars in Europe, at international meetings, at the International Pollination Course in Brazil, through magazine articles and at organic grower and like meetings in Canada. The result has been international interest in the technology and its application in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and North America.


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Conferences and Workshops


Webinar: Coffee Pollination in the Americas

We organized a webinar focussing on "Coffee Pollination in the Americas" in 2014. Listen to webinar on YouTube


Webinar: Bee-Vectored BioControl Technology

We organized a webinar focissing on "Bee-Vectored BioControl Technology: Pollination & crop protection together" in 2014. Watch webinar on YouTube