For the triennium :

We are proposing a three-year project that has the initiation, organization and implementation stages accompanied by an education program. During the initiation period, the scope of the project will be defined, partnerships will be developed and project agenda will be set. The focus of the organization period is to build the principle and mechanism for health data sharing in accordance with laws and ethics of member countries, and to set up rules of data management and standards for multi-omics data such as genome, transcriptome and epigenome. The implementation stage will create platforms for data deposition, integration and sharing, using the Genome Sequence Archive databases of Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; develop tools and pipelines, using cloud-based techniques; establish rules and standards for data access control; and ensure data security and safety. The education program throughout the project involves holding symposia/meetings, providing training programs, engaging scientific exchanges, and publishing scientific papers.


Detailed Action Plan for 2019-20 :

• Program network expansion: The BHBD Alliance was established on October 14, 2018 consisting of five organizations from China, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Currently it has 8 members from 6 countries. In 2019-20 further efforts will be made to expand the members of the Alliance. Potential organizations are from France, Brasil, Africa, etc. We will also collaborate with other international scientific organizations (e.g. International Society of Zoological Sciences) and international networks (e.g. CODATA of ISC) to promote the level of participation and influence of BHBD, and seek supports from national, institutional or program sources to increase research capability.

• Annual Meeting of the BHBD Alliance: The 2019 Meeting of the BHBD Alliance is under preparation, initially planned to be held in August in Pakistan.

• International Workshops/Forums: A Sino-Thai Forum on primate research has been arranged on April 22-23, 2019 in Beijing. The 4th Big Data Forum for life and health sciences is scheduled to be held on October 13-16, 2019 in Beijing.

• Website and database construction: We are constructing the BHBD Alliance website ( to make it an important platform for information release and communication. The website will provide links to bioinformatic databases and tools for BHBD. • Establishment of working groups The program will establish working groups in certain fields. Currently the working groups on biocuration, genome analysis and training are under consideration.

• Establishment of scientific advisory board : A scientific advisory board for the BHBD Alliance is currently under nomination for international outstanding experts, which will be set up in 2019.

• International training courses : We are planning international training courses between member countries, e.g. China and Pakistan on bioinformatics big data processing and analysis in 2019.

• Publications : The program plans to publish 2~3 papers in SCI journals in 2019-20, reporting the scientific research achievements of its members.

•  Activities expected:

  • number of conferences: triennium: 3, 2019-20: 1
  • number of workshops: triennium: 4~6, 2019-20: 1~2
  • number of publications: triennium: 6~10, 2019-20: 2~3