26 Apr 2021



To promote integrative studies on zoonotic diseases among scientists of different disciplines, so as to reveal the transmission pattern and dynamic of key zoonotic diseases which are imposing a high threat to humans. Serial mini-symposia (held on 26 April and 27 September 2021) are a part of our activities for the ISZS/IUBS Zoonotic Diseases Working Group.

Event video recording here.

Date and Time:

0600-0800 26 April 2021 (US Pacific Standard Time)

1500-1700 26 April 2021 (Paris time)

2100-2300 26 April 2021 (Beijing time)

2000-2200 26 April 2021 (Bangkok time)


Co-chairs: Santiago Merino Rodriguez and Zhibin Zhang

Beijing Time (US Pacific Standard Time)




2100-2110 (0600-0610)

Opening remarks

L S Shashidhara

International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)


Presentations (20 minutes for oral presentation, 5 minutes for discussion)

2110-2135 (0610-0635)

Human helminths and schistosomiasis

Jason Rohr

University of Notre Dame, USA

2135-2200 (0635-0700)

Wildlife-borne diseases at the biodiversity-livestock-human interfaces

Serge Morand 

CNRS–University of Montpellier–IRD, France

2200-2225 (0700-0725)

SUMOylation at PB1 K612 of influenza A virus is essential for viral pathogenesis and transmission

Chengjun Li

Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

2225-2250 (0725-0750)

Biodiversity and zoonotic disease

Rodolfo Dirzo 

Stanford University, USA

2250-2300 (0750-0800)




2200 (0800)






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