29 Aug 2021 · India · Climate Education

Online TROP ICSU Workshop for Teachers of Delhi University, India

The TROP ICSU team conducted an online Workshop cum Faculty Development Program for the teachers of Delhi University, India on 28th August 2021. This workshop was oreinted toweards "Digital Pedagogy & Climate Change Education across Disciplines" and was conducted in collaboration with Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University.

The workshop was attended by 36 participants from various science disciplines, who were mentored by 13 resource persons. The workshop was coordinated by 10 members from Sri Venkateswara College, and TROP ICSU.

More about  TROP ICSU: A Global Climate Change Education Project by IUBS

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01 Jan 2021 · Climate Education

TROP ICSU Highlights in 2020

The TROP ICSU project highlights its accomplishments at the end of year 2020. The project has colleced, collated and developed over 280 Teaching Resources, which soan across 10 Disciplines. There are over 50 Contributing Teachers from many countries who have contributed teaching resources to the collection. Till year 2020, the TROP ICSU team has conducted 17 Workshops in 10 Countries with over  700 Workshop Participants and over 50 Climate Experts.

The project has published 3 Publications and has been preented in many international conferences and events including events by United Nations. The projects holds 2 websites with over 135,900 visitors and a YouTube channel. The project is having 23 partners which includes national science academies, internatonal scientific unions, educatioanl institutes and United Nations organizations. 

The project team continues to develop and collate educatioanl resources for climate change education by integrating them with the regular curricula of various desciplines. 

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10 Oct 2020 · Climate Education

More Than A Hundred Lesson Plans by TROP ICSU!

The project TROP ICSU has crossed the mark of developing a hundred Lesson Plans in October 2020. This milestone was possible due to the wonderful collaboration and knowledge contribution by the network of partners, collaborators, teachers, educators, and climate science experts.

These Lesson Plans span across various curricula topics and are distributed across ten disciplines. They can be directly used by teachers in both physical and digital classroom setup or can be used with proper customization as per the local context.

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01 Aug 2020 · Climate Education

Climate Change Webinar Series 2020

Engagement of the youth in climate action is a key factor in mitigating the global issue with local solutions. With this imperative, TROP ICSU has joined hands with the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), India to create a platform to host engagements between climate change experts (scientists, activists, social entrepreneurs among many) with young students. A webinar series is launched under this initiative of Climate Change Challenge 2.0 from August 2020.

(Image: Climate Change Challenge, CCMB, India)

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02 Jul 2020 · Climate Education

Translations of TROP ICSU Educational Resources

To widen the reach and increase the adoption of the TROP ICSU educational resources, some of the resources have been translated into various languages with assistance from th project partners. TROP ICSU welcomes contributions from teachers, educators, climate science experts, and all collaborators in enhancing the suite of educational resources.

The translated educational resources are available on the ‘TROP ICSU in Different Languages‘ section of the project website.

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01 Mar 2020

TROP ICSU launches Lesson Plan Video Tutorials

Some of the TROP ICSU Lesson Plans are now equipped with Video Tutorials about how to use the Lesson Plans in regular teaching. The video tutorials are useful to not only teachers but also to self-learners. These videos are available on the project website and on the YouTube channel.

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29 Feb 2020 · Climate Education

TROP ICSU Workshop in Australia in Feb 2020

A TROP ICSU Lesson Plan Development Workshop was conducted at the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society's next national conference in Fremantle, Western Australia on 14 February 2020. This workshop was convened by our collaborators at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, UNSW Sydney, University of Melbourne, and the Monash Climate Change Communication Hub. The main focus of the event was the development of lesson plans for the Australian curriculum.

A detailed report about the workshop is available here.

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26 Feb 2020 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education

TROP ICSU accomplishments featured by ISC

The TROP ICSU project has been funded by the International Science  Council (ISC) during the first phase (2017-2019). The accomplishments of TROP ICSU, feedback from various stake-holders and future plans have been featured by ISC in an online article published in February 2020. Representative feedback received from various stake-holders such as participants of educators workshops, undergraduate students, members of partner unions and the motive behind the TROP ICSU project are included in this article. The article can be found here.

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02 Feb 2020 · Report

TROP ICSU Consolidated Report

The exciting first phase (2017-2019) of the TROP ICSU project ended with the year 2019.  The accomplishments of TROP ICSU project during this phase and future plans are presented in this consolidated report.

16 Dec 2019 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education

TROP ICSU at COP25 Madrid, Spain

The TROP ICSU project was represented at three sessions on climate education at the UN Climate Change Conference COP 25, held in Madrid from 2 December to 13 December 2019 under the Presidency of the Government of Chile and with logistical support from the Government of Spain.

TROP ICSU was invited to participate in 3 sessions on climate education at COP 25: at the IPCC-WMO pavilion, at the EU pavilion, and at the French pavilion.

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15 Oct 2019 · Education and Outreach · Event

TROP ICU: Third Working Group Meeting

The third TROP ICSU Working Group Meeting was held at the French Academy of Sciences (Académie des sciences, Institut de France), Paris, France on October 14 and 15, 2019. The meeting was attended by 21 participants, including Working Group members, collaborators, partners, and the Implementation Team members. Over two days, the project and its implementation were presented and reviewed, suggestions for further enhancement were discussed, and possible ideas for the continuation of the project in its next phase beyond December 2019 were discussed.

(Photo: IUBS)


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12 Jul 2019 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education

TROP ICSU at UN High Level Political Forum

IUBS Climate Change Education Project TROP ICSU  participated at the United Nations High Level Political Forum 2019 (HLPF 2019) on Sustainable Development at the United Nations Headquarters on 11 July 2019 in a three-hour joint session with the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and Harvard University. This session is titled "Practices and Approaches on quality education towards environment and climate action."

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01 Jul 2019 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education · Event

TROP ICSU Workshop for teachers at France

The TROP ICSU team facilitated a teachers workshop in Orsay, France on 28 June 2019 in collaboration with Paris-Sud University (Université Paris-Sud). The workshop was attended by 25 teachers.

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24 May 2019 · Australia · Education and Outreach · Climate Education

TROP ICSU Workshops in Australia

The TROP ICSU team will conduct three teachers workshop in  Australia in May 2019. The first workshop will be conducted on 24th May with Monash University, the second one on 27 May with University of Melbourne and the third workshop will be conducted on 30th and 31st May with University of Adelaide.

(Image credit: Encyclopedia Britannica)

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21 May 2019 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education

TROP ICSU at UN Science, Technology and Innovation Forum 2019

TROP ICSU was represented in two side events at the Forth Science, Technology and Innovation Forum for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on 14th and 15th may 2019, held at United Nations Headquarters New York.

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20 Apr 2019 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education · South Africa

TROP ICSU Workshop for teachers at South Africa

The TROP ICSU team conducted a teachers workshop in Pretoria, South Africa in April 2019. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with our partner International Science Council – Regional Office for Africa (ISC-ROA).    

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30 Apr 2019 · Egypt · Education and Outreach · Climate Education

TROP ICSU Workshop for teachers at Cairo, Egypt

The TROP ICSU team conducted a teachers workshop in Cairo, Egypt in April 2019. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with our partner Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), Egypt.

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14 Feb 2019 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education

TROP ICSU: Climate and Pedagogy Workshop for Teachers at Bhutan, Asia

The TROP ICSU team conducted a workshop for teachers at Bhutan on 14th-15th February 2019, in collaboration with Center for Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Development Studies (CDRR&CDS), Royal University of Bhutan, Rinchending, Bhutan and Commission on Education and Outreach, IASPEI. Over 60 high school and undergraduate colleges/university teachers from Bhutan participated in this workshop.

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30 Dec 2018 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education

TROP ICSU at COP24 Katowice, Poland

The TROP ICSU project was represented at four sessions on climate change education at the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 24) in Katowice, Poland, on 13 and 14 December, 2018.

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27 Nov 2018 · Education and Outreach

Climate Change and Pedagogy Workshop at Uganda

The TROP ICSU team conducted a workshop for teachers at Kampala, Uganda, in November 2018 with enthusiastic and valuable support from our partner, the African Union of Conservationists (AUC).  Over 60 high school teachers and over 70 university teachers participated in the workshop. 


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16 Oct 2018 · Education and Outreach · Climate Education · Event

The first TROP ICSU workshop for teachers was held in collaboration with Sri Venkateswara College (University of Delhi), New Delhi, India, on October 13 and 14, 2018. The objective of the workshop was to introduce the participants to digital teaching resources for teaching topics in the Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Humanities using climate-related examples, case studies, and activities.

In addition, participants would be invited to review the educational resources of the TROP ICSU project and to provide their feedback on the appropriateness and ease-of-use of the teaching tools and lesson plans.

80 undergraduate-level teachers participated in the workshop.

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05 Jun 2018 · Education and Outreach · Project

Survey on climate science in the classrooms of the world

The TROP ICSU project (Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding) is conducting a preliminary survey to understand how topics in climate science are currently discussed in the classroom in different parts of the world. It would take approximately 8-10 minutes to complete the short survey available in several languages (English, Catalàn, Chinese, Français, Deutsch, Hindi, Italiano, Japanese, Español).

Please participate in the Survey:

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26 Apr 2018 · Education and Outreach · Event

TROP ICU: Second Working Group Meeting

Participants of the 2nd Working Group meeting (f.l.t.r.): Daniel Waiswa, Rahul Chopra, Boram lee, France Caron, Aparna Joshi, sigbert Huber, Anita Nagarajan, Chris King, Nathalie Fomproix, Daniel Ramos, LS Shashidhara. Photo: IUBS

The 2nd Working Group meeting of the "Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)" project took place in Paris on 25-26 April 2018.

The implementation team presented the pedagogical resources developed so far and the information about teachers workshop. WG members further discussed enhancements in the resources and suggestions about wider dissemination of the TROP ICSU platform.

22 Feb 2018 · Education and Outreach · Event

Meeting with WCRP and WMO

Meeting in Geneva. Photo: IUBS

The team of the "Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)" project had a meeting with WCRP and WMO in Geneva on 21-22 February 2018. It presented the project and seeked partnership especially for the quality control of the teaching tools.

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22 Dec 2017 · Education and Outreach · Project

TROP ICSU sub-committee meeting

Sub-commitee meeting at the Royal Society, London (f.l.t.r.): Rahul Chopra, LS Shashidhara, France Caron, Iain Stewart, Anthony Turner, Chris King. Photo: IUBS

The sub-committee meeting within the "Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)" project took place in London, UK, in December 2017 at the Royal Society, London.


The sub-committee discussed design of teaching tool kits that are being developed, nature and duration of pilot workshops for educators on the use of tool-kits and changes/modifications to be made to questionnaire and ways to analyze responses.

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22 Apr 2017 · Education and Outreach · Project

TROP ICSU Kick-off Meeting

Participants (f.l.t.r.): Chris King (IUGS), Mika Rekola (IUFRO), Lily Rodriguez (IUBS), Raymond Katebaka (AUC), Simon Hodson (CODATA), Nadja Pernat (IMAGINARY), France Caron (IMU), Allan Ashworth (INQUA), Nathalie Fomproix (IUBS), Catherine Jami (IUHPST), Barbara Birli (IUSS), LS Shashidhara (IUBS)

On April 20th and 21st, 2017, the partners of the project "Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)" met in Paris, France, for the first time to discuss project management.

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