30 Jun 2018

Cairo Science Forum

"The Cairo Science Forum: Science Diplomacy and Recent Developments in Biology" held on 19021 November 2019 was co-sponsored by IUBS. The conference promotes exchanges between colleagues from all over the world and from all biological sub-disciplines – and beyond – in order to promote biological research across these disciplines.


Main objectives of the Forum:

  • Enhance information and knowledge on issues at the interface between biological sciences and climate change in general, and establish the framework for sustainable agricultural development and its link to food security.
  • To serve as a forum for informed discussion and regional dialogue on key substantive and policy issues at the interface between biological sciences and climate change.
  • Identify and address major issues of importance to biological science and society.
  • Fostering activities of the Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) foundation by making its programs more visible to promising scientists in Egypt and encourage promising scientists to be enrolled in German scientific community.
  • Strengthening interdisciplinary networking between the scientists and scholars sponsored by German foundations.
  • To strengthen the activities of AvH Alumni Associations in Egypt.
  • Promoting the activities, initiatives and programs of International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) among the Egyptian scientists.


Topics  discussed:

  • Biodiversity, Environmental protection and natural resources: linking science and policy
  • Biotechnology and nanotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence in Biology
  • Science Diplomacy
  • The Importance of International Research Organizations as important instrument of Science diplomacy.
  • Science for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations: Key Lessons and Gaps.



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