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30 Jan 2020 · Education and Outreach · Event · UK

Higher Education: global engagement to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (WP1755)

IUBS participated in the event organized by Wilton Park and Association of Commonwealth Universities. It explored the ways in which the higher education sector can actively engage with and be supported to contribute fully to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. This event organized in UK, brought together leaders who are leading the strategies of Universities and their international outreach, together with academic and other experts on the SDGs. Dr Nathalie Fomproix represented IUBS in the event.

A downloadable Event Report is available here.

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01 May 2018 · Event · UK

Workshop in Cambridge

iCCB organized a workshop in Cambridge, UK, 1st May – 6th May 2018. This was a small workshop intended for intense on-hands planning and research. The result from this workshop was a letter of intent (LOI) to apply to a joint NSF-NERC (US-UK) funding program for a research initiative in Africa. 

We were invited to submit a full proposal to this international program (notification February 7, 2019) and we plan to submit a full proposal by the close of 2019. Strategically applying for grant funding from non-IUBS countries allows us to broaden the scope of the IUBS initiative. In addition to research, we developed a preliminary plan for a training program in East Africa. The workshop was attedned by 5 participants.