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27 Nov 2018 · Supported Event · Education and Outreach · AUC

TROP ICSU Workshop for teachers at Uganda, Africa

The TROP ICSU team conducted a workshop for teachers at Kampala, Uganda, in November 2018 with enthusiastic and valuable support from our partner, the African Union of Conservationists (AUC). Over 60 high school teachers and over 70 university teachers participated in the workshop.

To introduce the TROP ICSU digital teaching resources to educators and to seek feedback and review on the use of these resources, the TROP ICSU team is facilitating workshops in various countries, with support from the project partners.

Two TROP ICSU workshops—a 2-day workshop for university lecturers and a 2-day workshop for high school teachers—were conducted in collaboration with the African Union of Conservationists (AUC) at Kampala, Uganda, from November 27 to November 30, 2018. The workshops included participants from various parts of Uganda and representatives from Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda. The educators expressed keen interest and enthusiasm in learning about digital pedagogy, the creation and usage of lesson plans, and the integration of climate change education with existing curriculum in various disciplines and subjects.

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