02. July 2013 · Event

Workshop: Grassland Ecosystem Mongolia

BCGC held a Workshop at the Grassland Ecosystem Research Base of IOZ, CAS, 29–30th June 2013, Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, China with 23 attendees from 6 countries.

In 2008, in order to study Biological Consequences of Global Change, IOZ of CAS set up a grassland ecosystem research base in Xilingol, Inner Mongolia. The major scientific research involves climate change and human activities. By using artificial precipitation, cattle grazing, the research has a focus on population and community dynamics. The aim of the research is provide theory foundation for ecological management in grasslands by solving controversial scientific questions: fluctuation of rodents populations, special mating system, community succession in plants and soil animals.

During the workshop, the attendees exchanged ideas and had a hand-on experience with on-site information.

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