BHBD Initiative

Biological research has entered into an era of big data including a wide variety of biodiversity data from all life forms on earth and covering a broadrange of health data from multiple omics levels as well as from clinics, physiology, lifestyle, environment, etc. In addition, such data is being generated at ever-growing rates and distributed throughout the world with heterogeneous standards and diverse limited access capabilities. Thus, providing open access to biodiversity & health big data is essential for an expedited translation of big data into applied knowledge and is becoming increasingly vital in advancing scientific research and promoting human healthcare and precise medical treatment.

In response to the appeal "Open Data in a Big Data World" released by the International Council for Science (ICSU) in March 2016, the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS), a member of ICSU, has proposed a new scientific program initiative of Open Biodiversity and Health Big Data (BHBD) in July 2017. The greatest public benefit of this program can be realized provided biodiversity and health data are effectively and responsibly shared to the greatest extent through forward-looking standards that enhance data exchange and interoperability in a machine-readable manner.

Global sharing of BHBD is able to advance scientific research and promote the fair distribution of benefits throughout the world, which yet cannot be accomplished without engagement of the entire global communities on the following three issues:

  • To build the principles and mechanisms for global sharing of BHBD in accordance with laws and ethics of member countries.
  • To develop a big data platform for BHBD integration, translation and sharing that is publicly accessible to worldwide communities.
  • To promote the level of participation and influence of IUBS in global biological research.

We advocate your positive support and participation in this program to develop necessary solutions to open BHBD to the greatest extent.


BHBD Coordinator

Professor Yiming Bao

Beijing Institute of Genomics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Beijing 100101


Phone: +86 10 8409 7858

E-mail: baoym[at]

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