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In order to facilitate the implementation of future scientific Programmes, IUBS supports projects, which prepare transnational research, with the aid of its ordinary and scientific members.

Started in 2017


Open Biodiversity and Health Big Data Initiative

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Pastoralism project

Sustainable Pastoralism and Human Well-Being

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Started in 2016

20 Jan 2017 · Event · Report

Mainstreaming Biodiversity: Contributions from Science to Policy

(f.l.t.r.): L.S. Shashidhara (IUBS), Hiroyuki Takeda (IUBS), Erie Tamale (CBD Secretariat), Anne-Hélène Prieur-Richard (Future Earth), Paola Mosig Reidl (CONABIO), Rodolfo Dirzo (IAI), and Lily Rodriguez (IUBS)

The side event entitled “Mainstreaming biodiversity for well-being: Contributions from Science” was organized at the conference of the parties COP13, the highest governing body of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Moderated by Lily Rodriguez (IUBS) the participants discussed a declaration on behalf of more than 300 scientists, practitioners and policymakers. The report summarizes why safeguarding  biodiversity  is  essential  to  improve  our  ability  to  adapt  to abrupt  changes  such  as  extreme  climate  events  or  sudden  financial  market  crashes  and  to transform the deep roots of unsustainable practices and inequity. It was intended to share knowledge, approaches and solutions, among scientists, policy–makers, and the civil society for mainstreaming biodiversity especially focusing on agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism. The 3rd Science for Biodiversity Forum was held in Cancun, Mexico, on 1st and 2nd December 2016.

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