05 Jun 2018 · Education and Outreach · Project

Survey on climate science in the classrooms of the world

The TROP ICSU project (Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding) is conducting a preliminary survey to understand how topics in climate science are currently discussed in the classroom in different parts of the world. It would take approximately 8-10 minutes to complete the short survey available in several languages (English, Catalàn, Chinese, Français, Deutsch, Hindi, Italiano, Japanese, Español).

Please participate in the Survey:

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26 Apr 2018 · Education and Outreach · Project

2nd Working Group meeting

Participants of the 2nd Working Group meeting (f.l.t.r.): Daniel Waiswa, Rahul Chopra, Boram lee, France Caron, Aparna Joshi, sigbert Huber, Anita Nagarajan, Chris King, Nathalie Fomproix, Daniel Ramos, LS Shashidhara. Photo: IUBS

The 2nd Working Group meeting of the "Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)" project took place in Paris on 25-26 April 2018.


France Caron (IMU), Rahul Chopa (implementation team), Miguel Clusener-Godt (UNESCO), Nathalie Fomproix (IUBS), Richard Glover (ICSU ROA), Sigbert Huber (IUSS), Aparna Joshi (implementation team), Chris King (IUGS), Boram Lee (WCRP), Anita Nagarajan (implementation team), Daniel Ramos (Imaginary), LS Shashidhara (IUBS), Daniel Waiswa (AUC)
Via Skype: Allan Ashworth (INQUA), Keith Alverson (IUGG), Barbara Birli (IUSS), Veronica Iniguez (UTPL), Sepo Hachigonta (NRF), Mika Rekola (IUFRO)


  • How to increase the number and scope of pedagogical tools and teaching toolkits from different disciplines and regions
  • Developing a quality-assurance certificate protocol for the uploaded/to-be-uploaded pedagogical tools and teaching toolkits
  • Suggestions/assistance for dissemination of survey of educators across the globe
  • Advice/assistance in organizing pilot workshops across the world for educators on the use of the teaching toolkits.
  • Deciding on the venue, dates and names of main organizers and the budget for the same.

The project progress and roadmap was presented on the first day of ISC General Assembly on 3 July in Paris, several members of ISC, who are not yet involved in the project also attended the meeting.

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22 Feb 2018 · Education and Outreach · Project

Meeting with WCRP and WMO

Meeting in Geneva. Photo: IUBS

The team of the "Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)" project had a meeting with WCRP and WMO in Geneva on 21-22 February 2018. It presented the project and seeked partnership especially for the quality control of the teaching tools.

22 Dec 2017 · Education and Outreach · Project

TROP ICSU sub-committee meeting

Sub-commitee meeting at the Royal Society, London (f.l.t.r.): Rahul Chopra, LS Shashidhara, France Caron, Iain Stewart, Anthony Turner, Chris King. Photo: IUBS

The sub-committee meeting within the "Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)" project took place in London, UK, in December 2017 at the Royal Society, London.


France Caron, Rahul Chopra, Marianne Cutler, Nathalie Fomproix, Chris King, Boram Lee, Sarah Pohlschneider, LS Shashidhara, Iain Stewart and Anthony Turner.
Via Skype: Aparna Joshi, Anita Nagarajan and Xuebin Zhang


We discussed design of teaching tool kits that we are developing, nature and duration of pilot workshops for educators on the use of tool-kits and changes/modifications to be made to questionnaire and ways to analyze responses.

22 Apr 2017 · Education and Outreach · Project

Kick-off Meeting

Participants (f.l.t.r.): Chris King (IUGS), Mika Rekola (IUFRO), Lily Rodriguez (IUBS), Raymond Katebaka (AUC), Simon Hodson (CODATA), Nadja Pernat (IMAGINARY), France Caron (IMU), Allan Ashworth (INQUA), Nathalie Fomproix (IUBS), Catherine Jami (IUHPST), Barbara Birli (IUSS), LS Shashidhara (IUBS)

On April 20th and 21st, 2017, the partners of the project "Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)" met in Paris, France, for the first time to discuss project management.

Education and Outreach · Project · BioEducation

About: Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)

Together with the International Union for Quaternary Science (INQUA) IUBS is the leading scientific organisation in this project funded by the International Council for Science (ICSU).


Understanding the dynamics of Earth’s ecosystem and identifying measures to sustain it for the future requires immediate action with multidisciplinary approaches. Research efforts to identify key factors that affect the biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services need to be scaled up substantially and rapidly, requiring a whole new generation of multidisciplinary scientists/policy makers/administrators, whose education should start now. Educating forthcoming generations about the causes and effects of global climate change is also imperative as implementing solutions depends on an informed public. In this context, we need to develop education and science communication modules in such a way that every future citizen would be better equipped to identify appropriate solutions for sustainable and equitable development.


The project aims to identify, through a consultative mechanism, most relevant curricula and efficient pedagogical tools, and outreach and citizen science programs to study the impact of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem function and services and human health and diseases; and ways to address these problems in the coming years.

What makes the project unique is its focus on those education and citizen-science modules that are locally rooted yet globally relevant for much wider outreach. The project envisages developing online learning materials such as lectures (videos embedded with animations), interactive exhibitions/museums, mobile apps etc.

Partner organisations in the TROP ICSU project

International Union for Quaternary Science (INQUA) - Co-leader in the project

International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)

International Mathematical Union (IMU)

International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)

International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG)

International Union for History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IUHPST)

International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) (partner organisation of IUBS)


Committee on Data for Science and Technology of ICSU (CODATA)

ICSU Regional Office for Africa (ICSU-ROA) 

Indian National Science Academy (INSA) (ordinary member of IUBS)

Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAS) (ordinary member of IUBS)

National Research Foundation - South Africa (NRF) (ordinary member of IUBS)

Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja (UTPL)

Australian Academy of Science (AAS) (ordinary member of IUBS)

National Committee of Egypt (ordinary member of IUBS)