IUBS Officers and Executive Committee (elected 2019)

The Executive Committee was elected at the 33rd General Assembly in Oslo, Norway, on 2nd August 2019 and works until 2022.

Name (Representing Country or Scientific Organization)

President: L S SHASHIDHARA (India)

Vice-President: Le KANG (China)

Past President: Hiroyuki Takeda (Japan)

Secretary-General: Alexey Alexeevich KOTOV (Russia)

Treasurer: Santiago MERINO (Spain)

Executive Member: Sarita MAREE (IFM)

Executive Member: Karl-Joseph DIETZ (Germany)

Executive Member: Moemen HANAFY (Egypt)

Executive Member: Noriaki MURAKAMI (Japan)

Executive Member: Guy SMAGGHE (IOBC)

Executive Member: Carlos VERGARA (ICPPR)

IUBS Secretariat and Executive Director


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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee acts on the decisions made by the General Assembly (GA) to fulfill the objectives of the IUBS. The Executive Committee is elected by the GA and consists of a president, a vice president, a seretary general, a treasurer and four to six other members. Members of the Executive Committee represent the main scientific interests of the Union and work from their election at a GA until the end of the next GA.

The Executive Committee:

  • decides on the implementation of the decisions of the GA
  • reviews the activities of IUBS
  • establishes working groups or new initiatives
  • decides on the admission of scientific members to the Union

The Executive Committee is assisted by the IUBS Secretariat and its Executive Director.