CECE 2016, the 28th Conference of European Comparative Endocrinologists, to take place in Leuven, Belgium on August 21-25, 2016. website

8th International symposium of Integrative Zoology, 25 July – 5 August 2016, Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, China first circular

World Congress of Herpetology, 15-21 August 2016, Hangzhou, China, 2nd annoucement

The European Meeting for PhD students in Evolutionary Biology2016, 11-15 September 2016, Gotland Sweden

The 3rd Symposium on Horticulture in Europe (SHE 2016) from 17-21 of October 2016, Chania, Crete, Greece

The 22nd International Congress of Zoology and 87th meeting of Zoological Society of Japan, joint events, 15-19 November 2016 Okinawa, Japan

COP13, the 3rd Science for Biodiversity Forum, Cancun Mexico, December 2016


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